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Si le surge algún imprevisto y no puede asistir a la cita realizada, por favor, cancele su reserva para liberar la mesa y así pueda ser usada por otro cliente.

Para garantizar el bienestar del resto de comensales, solo los niños a partir de 9 años son bienvenidos al restaurante Aromata. Nuestro sistema de reservas online permite consultar disponibilidad, hacer reservas.
Si ya estuviera completo el restaurante en la fecha deseada, el espacio aparecerá en blanco.
Su mesa será guardada hasta 20 minutos pasada la hora de la reserva. Pasado este tiempo la reserva será considerada como NO SHOW y el sistema automático liberará su mesa para cederla a otros comensales.

The greatness of the simple
The freshest cuisine by Andreu Genestra

Our bistro is located by the hotel pool beneath a veranda where after-dinner conversations are a real pleasure. Here, you will find the freshest cuisine by chef Andreu Genestra and his team.


The gastronomic proposal of Bistro SENZILL is made up of an elaborate menu, including a rich and varied breakfast; all of this, made from fresh ingredients and local products.

the hallmark of the house

The hotel’s scenic value can be added to its heritage value. The lush vegetation surrounding the estate consists of holm oak forests and garrigue, pine forests, vineyards and even a charming market garden where we grow the food eaten at our Senzill Bistro.  

An oasis of peace
in Mallorca.
A historic country house surrounded by thousand-year-old holm oak trees

We are located in a building which has been declared a Mallorcan historical heritage site. The main house dates back to the 14th century and is situated within what was one of the largest and most important country estates in Mallorca of the time: Predi Son Jaumell. It is said that King James II of Aragon had once taken refuge there.

The country house is a jewel which has been turned into a rural hotel consisting of just 24 suites, surrounded by thousand-year-old holm oak trees and close to the best beaches in Mallorca.

Gift Senzill

At Senzill we give you the opportunity to give away a ‘fresh’ gastronomic experience. Find out!

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